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Interdimensional is an interactive art installation where the user is trapped in a room and has to find a way to unlock the door. The solution to this quest lies in a virtual world that is augmented into the room. The user can look into this parallel virtual world by using a portable display device, which acts as a mobile window to another world.

Using this window to the abstract and obscure world the user has to examine the additional space and will find a puzzle related to four-dimensional objects inside.

Using a joystick and a button on the display device the user can rotate the four-dimensional objects and drag them around. If he finds the right 4D rotation for the objects and the correct place to put them he will start a strange machine in the virtual world which will then trigger a mechanism to unlock the door.

Furthermore the user will be observed by his quest to unlock the room from people watching outside.

Interdimensional is an observed journey between parallel words, perspectives and projections and the interdependencies of the real and digital world.

Part1: Demonstration

Part 2: Concept Talk

Part3: Technical Talk